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What will you get?

At BEBS, you put into practice what you learn through an educational, creative and disruptive approach. Our model is based on what businesses need today, not on old patterns that no longer fit our current business system.

BEBS also provides individualised assistance to all students, to help them with practicalities, such as visa applications, accommodation and insurance, and internship search. 


We've helped our students to pursue their dreams and go on to accomplish great things!

Amazing teachers

BEBS is a business school created and managed by executives. Therefore, all of our teaching staff members are top executives who combine maintain their business leadership and managerial work while teaching. Rooted in the field, BEBS teachers know in detail what the current business challenges are and what decisions need to be made on a daily basis.

Get the education you need!

At BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School”, you will learn by doing, through a didactic, creative and disruptive approach, where we seek not only to teach, but to put into practice what has been taught. 

Karelys Ramirez, Director

"You are about to embark on an exciting new stage of your life, one that will bring many invaluable learning opportunities with it. Our society needs people to engage in, and contribute to, improved human welfare across the world. 

We are an institution focused on training

future managers: you!

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